18-28mm thick 1.2x2.4m plywood concrete form panels using PSF, HDO or MDO overlays that are impregnated with specially formulated resins, release agents and colorants to produce smoother, harder surfaces that provide exceptional resistance to water, chemicals, abrasion and wear. Due to exceptionally long life- up to 100 pours, more economical than tropical plywood form panels. Available as FSC certified.

Also available are OSB concrete form panels for one time pours. More economical that tropical form panels and more environmentally sustainable- SFI and FSC certified readily available.
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9-25mm thick 1.2x2.4m OSB panels are more cost effective than tropical plywood and environmentally sustainable- up to 3 LEED points. Panels can be used in temporary applications such as hording or workers quarters or permanent including use as roof decking or as wall sub panels. Available as SFI and FSC certified.

SFI and FSC certified Douglas Fir plywood available for use in general timber framing, as roof and floor decking, exterior cladding, and numerous other applications available in various thicknesses and customs sizes.
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