Timber Solutions

At g-LUMBER we provide our customers with comprehensive timber build solutions including design work application specific advice on materials, treatments, and finishes as well as project management and supervision services. Since every job and application is unique, we participate with our clients from consultation work all the way to turn-key solutions all based on performance US building materials and time tested, standard based, building systems.
 We Design

Our timber structural design work is based on the 2006 IBC Building Code (USA & Abu Dhabi) with various design systems having been approved by JAFZA (Dubai).

We undertake design work from Project Conception, Design, to Shop Drawings working with a team of ten efficient, creative, professionals.

All of our structural designs and shop drawings are fully analyzed by our Licensed Professional Engineers who carry Professional Liability Insurance for $2,000,000.
 We Supply

g-LUMBER is Globex Green Company’s brand of sustainable timber building products that are from certified forests and processed at the leading mills in the United States. All of our products, from dimensional lumber to engineered beams and panels are manufactured by industry leaders and offer superior product quality and building system solutions. Our products are shipped directly from the mills and US reload centers to our customers throughout the Gulf, West Asia, and South East Asia. Our customers are serviced by our corporate office in America and our representative office in Dubai.
 We Build

From installation training of local staff, supply chain management, and project management; we work with our customers from the start of a project to the end.

• Project management
• Site supervision
• Installation (thru our local partners)